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4 thoughts on “Ruqyah

  1. Salam alaikum, I have questions regarding dreams. In use to have true dreams months in advance, e.g I saw 9/11 crash; the tsnauami; me going on hajj and a family members death. But now I have only bad dreams and I have been told I have a jinn and sihr from my mothers side of family. My question is, were those true dreams from the jinn or was it before I was affected and they were something good?

  2. My six year old daughter keeps on waking up at midnight, say around two am and then cries until around 4 or 4.30am. She isn’t totally awake but this happened for the last four nights. I even dreamed on a jinn being attacking her four days back and hence I want your help in sorting out this issue.
    Thank you for your help

    • asalaamalaikum warahmat Allah, make sure you are reciting ayat alKursi, the last 2 ayat in surat alBaqara, the last 3 surahs in the Quran upon yourself and upon her before bed. try to maintain a state of wudu, read surah baqara 1x/3nights in the home..increase your adhkaar..make sure you are praying 5times/day. recite upon her the same surahs in the all this consistently and if she wakes up again, recite again..inshaaAllah she will sleep through the night peacefully soon.

  3. Asalam o alaikum how things going I’m Ali from the US all I’m saying I’m in a real miserable and complicated situation I just got married not to long ago and in that time period me n my wife been separated twice she is gone again n on top of it everything I tried to do in life always failure I’m going crazy need serious help n want my wife back to inshAllah I think someone is doing serious black magic to me please help for the sake of Allah thank you.

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